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WW Rice Cracker £1.35
POCARI Sweat Ion Supply Drink £1.25

Top Sellers

FIGO Taro Fish Ball £3.99
NONG SHIM Shrimp Flavoured Cracker-Spicy £0.85
NS Onion Rings-Hot&Spicy £0.75
PT Corn Roll-French Thick Corn Soup £1.20
CALBEE Hot&spicy Potato Chips £1.79
FS Calbee Grill A Corn Hot&Spicy £1.35
CALBEE Original Prawn Crackers£1.25
HBS Highland Barley Crackers £2.60
GGE Wheat Crackers Mexican Spicy £1.09
GGE Wheat Cracker BBQ Flavour £1.09
WW Mini Fried Senbei Rice Cracker-Seaweed Flavour £0.92
WW Mini Fried Senbei Rice Crackers£0.92
GQX Hearts Pachyrhizus £0.99
NISSIN Cup Noodles-XO Sauce Seafood £1.30
NISSIN Instant Cup Noodle-Spicy Seafood£1.45
DALI Red Bean Curd £1.75
LKK Black Pepper Sauce £2.50
LKK Chilli Bean Sauce £1.98
CQ Hotpot Seasoning-Seafood Flavour £0.70
LGM Oil Chilli Condiment with Mushroom £1.90
RS Beijing Pork Dumplings £13.99
SQ Hedgehog shaped Sweetened Red Bean Paste Bun £2.85
WONGS Pork with Celery Buns £3.95
WONGS Vegetable Buns £3.95
SQ Scallion Twisted Bun£1.88
NX Flower Plain Rolls £4.80
WZH Red Bean Paste£1.60
POCARI Sweat Ion Supply Drink £1.25
VITASOY Malted Soya Drink £3.07
VITASOY Sugar Cane Juice Drink £4.58
VITASOY Lemon Tea £3.58
JDB Herbal Tea £0.88
Longevity Sweetened Condensed Milk £1.80
ST Sichuan Spicy Noodle£3.20
ZLS Crystal Rice Cake£3.20
FC Fish Tofu Bun-Mushroom£1.99
e-go Turbot£12.99
KL White Amazake£3.99
CHONNGA Rice Cake - Sliced£2.49
王致和 红豆沙馅£1.60
QLX BRAND Condiment for Green Pepper Fish £1.25
SN Bean Paste Bun 360g£2.30
UNAGI Kabayaki 250g£12.99
Pomelo (Small)£2.99

Unique Products

FYN Huai Rou Chestnut £1.20
NAT Seadless Wah Plums £3.60
NAT Wah Plum Pieces £1.95
NAT Salted Yeung Plum £1.30
NAT Sweet Potato Slice £1.20
NAT Sai See Plum £1.55
NAT Liquorice Plum £1.55
NAT Wah Plum£2.18
CS Xinjiang Jujube £2.20
e-go Turbot£12.99
Pomelo (Small)£2.99